Tganics Foods

Heat. Eat, & Enjoy

100% Natural Handmade meals

cooked with 100% organic herbs & spices

our Salads


Our Salads are made with Crisp Spinach and Romaine Lettuce  topped with fresh veggies, fruits,  & Almonds, dressed with Your choice of our house made dressings

Try our meal kits


Our  Meals are cooked with 100% Organic seasoning. Naturally prepared to suit your busy lifestyle needs. We offer Chef picked 3 Day, 7 Day & 14 Day Kits

Our selections of meal kits offers delicious  Chef picked healthy inspired meals prepared for a bountiful feast!

3 Day Kits

Now For

“There is nothing better than the Joy of  eating together.” 

- T Bady -

Three Spoons


Tganics Foods

Tganics Foods newly opened in 2018 as an online based family ran restaurant . Serving high quality homestyle foods that is 100% organically seasoned. We serve restaurant quality foods prepared to fit any busy lifestyle. Fitting needs for one quick meal or meal kits for several days. We also serve meals that will feed the family. We put Love & Care in to all of our meals. Our meals are seasoned to perfection, which will keep you wanting for more!  

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